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Janine’s moving check-list and timeline for moving prep was essential to our smooth transition into our new home. It gave us a clear game plan for taking on the seemingly overwhelming process of moving from ….

Janine Sarna-Jones is a true change agent, who has helped open up my life to a better and more organized way of living both personally and professionally. Through her easy step-by-step process we were able ….

Janine Sarna-Jones is an organizational wunderkind! Never have I met someone so trustworthy and sound as a mirror or a coach! Whatever your project entails, Janine weaves her clarity, calmness, and smarts into everything she ….

Janine has had a profound effect upon my daily life with what I always considered “small things” like shelves, getting rid of extra stuff, organizing my books, and especially helping me organize my “to do” ….

I cannot thank Janine enough for all of her expertise and dedication while leading the effort during my move. She was simply outstanding. When I decided to sell my apartment and buy another, I very ….

Janine and her team were complete lifesavers. I was renovating the apartment I’d lived in for more than forty years where I’d accumulated an enormous amount of things I knew I didn’t need. I had ….

I first hired Janine in 2006 to organize and oversee the renovation of my professional office. I was relieved when she began meticulously packing up hundreds of books, noting their placement so that she could ….

My experience in working with Janine has been extraordinarily positive. I was contemplating major work in my co-op—painting, refinishing floors, installing custom-made wall units and workspace, and painting furniture—and could not see how it could ….

My husband and I knew that we needed some help organizing our life and house — with 3 young children, things were out of control — but we had no idea just how helpful Janine’s ….

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Are you overwhelmed by your To Do lists? Are you stressed about a move to a new home? Are you frustrated with the paper and clutter taking over your home or office? Have you wondered why you aren’t more productive even when you make time to get things done? Do you believe you should be able to get organized and clutter-free on your own?

Organize Me Inc. is the catalyst for the change you seek. We work with individuals who want to be more productive on a daily basis in their home office or at work as well as individuals and families who are moving from one home to another. Our core services are:


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